Material Lab thrives at the heart of UAE - the most advanced and busiest construction industry in the Middle East- helping architects, engineers, manufacturers and consultants to test the material of some of the largest and impressive projects in the country. Our construction materials testing and consultancy services brings certainty to material safety, performance and application, giving clients accurate and independent information at every stage of their project. Offering physical and mechanical analysis of a comprehensive range of materials to achieve certification by complying with current guidelines and building regulations. The testing is carried out in accordance with multiple standards and specifications as defined in BS, ASTM, BS EN, ISO and local building codes and other applicable standards. The testing capacity ranges from material sampling, basic material classification tests to advanced material mechanics testing. For larger projects, on-site testing facilities are provided for faster access to critical test results.

Types of materials that are being tested routinely in the department include but are not limited to:

Asphalt Steel Dimension stone Soil
Aggregates Steel products Concrete Paving blocks
Cement Masonary Sealant AAC Blocks
Admixtures Blocks Stone Rocks

Structural Assesment and studies
Material lab undertakes structural assessment to check the structural integrity and soundness of structures and their components; in order to determine the structural deficiencies that need to be addressed, potential causes and the extent of structural failures. Our Professional Engineers assess the structural elements to ensure if they will continue to safely perform their intended function. Destructive and non-destructive methods are used for assessment of buildings, bridges, tunnels and other industrial structures.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

The lab offers wide range of non-invasive inspection techniques to evaluate material properties, components, or entire process units. Some of the tests that are offered in the lab includes Rebound hammer test, Cover meter test, Ultrasonic test, Ground penetrating radar, Impact Echo test & Vibration monitoring. Long term monitoring of structures including structural cracks and thermal cracks are also carried out to monitor the behavior of structures and ensure that they comply with safety requirements.
Remote Monitoring of Structural materials using Intelligent sensors
Material Lab Testing Services is partnering up with TEMLAB to provide non-destructive survey of structural materials with real-time results. Optimal preventive maintenance is a fundamental factor for the success of the cities of today, TEMLAB facilitates the identification of emerging issues in reinforced concrete structures and allows proper timely planning of maintenance that reduces repair costs and extends the life-span of structures. The TEM Station which is installed in specific points of the structure measures pH, chloride concentration, temperature and humidity of the material to determine the status of the relative degradation process. The real time data of the corrosion advance is transmitted wirelessly which facilitates continuous monitoring of concrete corrosion in a remote manner.

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