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Values & Strategy

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Service to Society

  • Material Lab is committed to service of society whenever and wherever possible. Being a technical organization MLab offer internship courses to university students free of charge.
  • Material Lab is always available to join any governmental and private sector organizations for R&D initiatives.
  • Material Lab’s staff participates in blood donation campaign run by its parent group every year.
  • Material Lab is always willing to invest in technologies which are used to improve green building design, energy conservation and renewable energies.
  • Material Lab supported, by providing free testing service to Lootah bio fuel to manufacture diesel from the household used oil.
  • Material Lab is taking part in paper recycling initiatives of Emirates Environmental Group since many years and regularly takes part in campaigns like clean up the world etc.

Our Strategy

  • Always striving for innovation and introduction of new technology and techniques.
  • Not depending on conventional business
  • Educating the customer about new testing facilities and benefits.
  • Expansion of existing facilities
  • Working with local authorities and big companies to support R&D initiatives.
  • Hiring well educated fresh young technical staff and providing them proper training to become good technician and engineers.