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Geotechnical Testing

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HomeServicesGeotechnical Testing

Geotechnical Investigation


Material Lab has set up a geotechnical investigation division to provide quality services to its clients in th region. Material Lab is equipped with al the latest geotechnical investigation equipment and has highly qualified experienced geotechnical engineers and drillers

The Laboratory offer services both on land and near shor marine conditions. Our geotechnical division also provides site supervision & field testing services during soil investigation and foundation construction.

Geotechnical services include but are not limited to the following activities:-

  •  Soil Investigation for shallow structure (villas & buildings) multi-story towers, bridges,roads, piplines (petroleum & drainage), under ground tunnels etc.
  •  Electrical Cone penetration test (CPT) and recommendations for ground improvement.
  •  Pressuremeter testing.
  •  Packer (Lugeon) testing.
  •  Electrical resistivity testing.
  •  Pile integrity testing.
  •  Topographic / level surveying.
  •  Environmental Geotechnical investigation.
  •  Geophysical Survey
  •  Accoustic Televiewer
  •  Jean Lutz for drilling parameters