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Oil & Gas Testing

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HomeServicesOil and Gas Testing

Oil & Gas Testing


Analytical Laboratory Testing Services (OGEC)

 Highly sophisticated Laboratory facilities
 International level of Quality Assurance Program
 Testing of Variety of products
 Full Spectrum Custom support
 Technical Centers
 Reliable Data and high level Integrity

OGEC Area of Activities

Petroleum/Petrochemical Products, crude oil, Gasoline, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, Diesel, Bunker Fuel, Petrochemicals ,Lubricants, Transformer oil, Asphalt, LNG/LPG/NGL, Residues, Grease, Fire Fighting Foams, Bio Diesel Project, etc…

Laboratory Capabilities

Gas Chromatograph /ICP /AAS/ UV-Spectrophotometer/XRF Analyzers/Vapor Pressure CCR/CFPP/Titrimetry/KarlFischer/Cloud & Pour point/Freeze point/ Distillation/Oxidation Stability/viscometry/Saybolt Furol Viscosity/Foaming characteristic of Lube oil/Toga/salt Meter/copper corrosion/colorimetry/saybolt colour/centrifuge/softening point/Ductility Instrument/Abel Flash point/PMCC-Flash point/COC-Flash point/Conductivity meter/FIA-Aromatics, olefins & Saturates/TAN Delta Resistivity tester/Automatic oil tester/Easy Dyne/Particle counter/Densitometer/COD-chemical Oxygen Demand/BOD-Biological Oxygen demand/Penetrometer/Sediment Extraction/Water by distillation/pH-Meter etc..

Inorganic/Organic Chemicals

 Mineral Acids/Alkalis/Metals/Alloys
 Limestone etc..    

Sample Management

 Surveys/stock monitoring/Oil Condition
 monitoring/Fluid Control study/ Chemical
 properties of water/Support for crude Assay &
 TBP/ Environmental studies.

Transformer oil Analysis

Support to clients to transport DGA items from one place to another in given timeline

Transformer oil Analysis

Part of cost Effective maintenance Program Well technical hands handling the operation of sampling Experienced and talented hands looks Analysis Expert advice providing Technical wings giving support for the purification and filling of Transformers