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Fire Testing Division

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Fire Testing Division


Resistance to Fire Testing

Material Lab has excellent facility for “Resistance to fire Testing”. This facility is Accredited by “Dubai Accreditation Centre” and approved by Civil Defence Authorities. This facility is capable to conduct various kind of fire resistance tests on various type of materials in accordance with many international standards e.g. EN 1364. BS 476, ISO 834, UL 10, UL 263, ASTM E 119 and many others.

The facility consist of a brand new fully computerized and automatic large vertical furnace. Materials tested for fire resistance includes Building Blocks, doors, Windows, Claddings, Partitions, Combo samples, Gypsum / Magnesium boards, Rockwool, Glazing units etc. This testing facility is the first in UAE which got accreditation from Dubai Accreditation Centre (DAC).


Reaction to Fire Testing

Material Lab‘s facility for “Reaction to fire testing” is located in Dubai Investment Park (DIP). This facility has complete set up to test and classify materials in accordance with EN 13501-Part 1. This facility consist of various tests like Non-Combustibility / Ignitability Testing, Heat of Combustion test, spread of flame, Single burning item test and “burning behaviour of flooring” etc. Materials tested are all kind of buildings interior materials, flooring products and linear pipe thermal insulation products etc.


Post Fire Analysis

Material Lab is fully capable and experienced to analyse the structures which have been affected with a severe fire. The Lab use advanced techniques to determine loss of strength of structure and propose suitable retrofitting to reinstate it to original design strength.

Various destructive and non-destructive tests are carried out for post fire analysis which include computerized load testing, maximum temperature rise during the fire, impact on yield properties of reinforcement, major chemical and mechanical changes in concrete due to fire, IR thermography and more as per requirement of each particular case. Based on the test results, lab presents finding and can propose appropriate rectification measures to reinstate the structure to its original strength.