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Specialized testing Services


Material Lab is well known in the Middle East region for its unconventional special testing capabilities. In addition to routine construction material testing, Material Lab under take wide range of material testing for quality assurance, quality control and certification purpose. Top certification companies in the region regularly use services of Material Lab for their product certification programs.

Material Lab is well equipped with highly sophisticated and fully computerized machines to carry out various advanced tests on various materials, some of these are listed below.

 Architectural Glass Testing
 Safety Glass testing
 Thermal conductivity / U-value of various materials
 Gypsum Board.
 Marble / Granite.
 Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC)
 Water Proofing Membrane.
 Plastic products
 Rubber products
 Packaging Materials
 Steel Nails,
 Soft / Filler board
 Structural timber e.g. tensile, static bending, compression etc.
 Peel off test on adhesives.
 Safety belts and ropes.
 Safety helmets & Shoes.
 Road marking paint
 Sanitary wares
 Pampers / Napkins