Specialized Material Testing

The specialized testing department was introduced to provide tailored testing, monitoring and investigation services to our valued customers. One of our main industry sectors is the construction market, where our services are utilized for routine and non-routine tests. Top certification companies in the region regularly use services of Material Lab for their product certification programs. We operate the best equipment and data acquisition systems to provide custom specialist solutions for a broad range of applications.We test a large variety of materials and products under BS, ASTM, ISO, DIN, EN and NFRC standards. Some of the tested materials are listed below:-

List of Material
Coatings Glass Waterproofing membrane
Road Markings Geotextile PVC Water stopper
Sealants Marble Stone Glassfiber-reinforced concrete(GRC)
Wood Ceramics Plywood & Timber
Granite Plastics Sanitary Product Testing
Tiles Fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP) Packaging Materials
Epoxy Paints Safety belts and ropes
Specialized Material Tests

Our highly skilled technical team performs a wide range of tests to determine the physical and chemical characteristics of materials. Some of the tests are listed below:-

◦ Tension, Flexural and Compression tests
◦ Accelerated aging and corrosion tests (UV, Salt spray, etc.)
◦ Thermal properties (Vicat temperature, etc.)
◦ Solar, optical and thermal properties of glass
◦ Impact, puncture and tear tests
◦ Shear bond strength test
◦ Abrasion resistance
◦ Reflectance of road markings


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